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Why Do Men Seem Distant In Relationships?

Why do Men seem distant in relationships?

It is common knowledge that women tend to completely immerse themselves in their romantic relationships. Sometimes, they take it to the extent that their lives revolve around their partners.

On the other hand, men often seem to be unable to differentiate between the significance they give to a best friend and that of a partner. They tend to keep both of them on an equal but distant footing.


Difference Of Opinion Between Men And Women

 A recent study on how men and women behave in relationships concluded that women intrinsically believe that the key to a good relationship involves teamwork.

They expect their partners to be equally involved and excited about each phase and decision, and also have common goals and beliefs.

Men, on the other hand, thought differently. The study suggested that most men want their partners to behave like ‘partners’.

They want them to share their different opinions, correct them when they are wrong, and bring newness to the table rather than nodding at everything they say just because they needed to be one unit.

To sum it up, they liked it when their partner had an individual personality.


Do Men Always Keep One Foot Out Of The Door?

Furthermore, in a different study conducted at Oxford University involving a total of 341 people, men were asked to score themselves against their best friends and romantic partners on a range of attributes.

The responses suggested that, consciously or not, men continued to act as though they were still in the dating market despite being in committed relationships.

While women preferred cooperation and not compete with their best friends, they also seemed to place their ‘significant other’ on a pedestal by consistently scoring their partner higher than themselves.


Is Our Behaviour In Relationships Biologically Ingrained?

 Men and women are emotional extremes when it comes to romantic partnership.

While both sexes find solace in the company of same-sex friendships, as it is a source of stability and understanding for them.

A sour relationship can make them find refuge, from the stormy waters of romantic relationships, in a trusted friend.

Relationships are essential for women. At a deeper level, they feel incomplete without the presence of a partner in their life. Surprisingly, men seem to keep their relationships at arm's length with one eye on the dating market.

Regardless of the time and age that we live in, and our culture of monogamy and family system, the biological imperative still dominates in most cases. The war of the sexes is still alive and kicking and is showing no signs of abating.

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