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The Art Of Forgiving And Forgetting

Do you feel tired of your thoughts lately? and want to know the art of forgiving and forgetting?

Well, one of the possible reasons for this could be because you care about things that you really don’t need to care about.

Worries, uncertainties, and anxiousness constantly plague our minds.

Will I be able to do it in time?”

Does my co-worker like me?”

Will my boss have a bad impression of me?”

“Does she think I’m weird?”

Am I fat?”

“Does she think I’m successful?”

The number of useless thoughts we can have is umpteen. The mere quantity of such thoughts is what makes us mentally exhausted.

Therefore, you must be careful to not give attention to matters that sometimes don’t really require your attention.


So, how do you stop yourself from caring about trivial things?

Here are 3 tips from my own life experience:


Tip #1:  Accept the simple fact of life – ‘There will    always be ups and down.’

The first and foremost thing we have to do is accept this simple truth – We are not entitled to feel happy at all times!

The inherent fact of life is that there are ‘ups’ and ‘downs.’

In fact, it is the ‘downs’ that allow us to value the ‘ups’ so much. If you accept this mere fact, then your failures and rejections become a lot easier and bearable.

Developing a sense of indifference to failures and rejections only comes with strength, integrity, and willpower.


Tip #2: Hope for the best. Expect the worse.

Our expectations are often so high that when reality doesn’t fully meet the same, we get really bothered by it.

For example, if you had expected to get 98% in an exam, and you actually got 94%, you’d probably be bummed out.

Despite the fact that achieving 94% is amazing and something you should celebrate about, you feel sad just because it didn’t meet your expectations.

Hope for the best.

Pray for the best.

Try for the best.

Work for the best.

Strive to be the best.

Expect the worst.

Prepare for the worst.


Tip #3: Find a purpose or a passion or something that makes you really happy, no matter what.

Doing something you love not only makes you feel better about yourself, but it also reduces the frequency of your mind wondering off to negative distractions and thoughts.

When you find something that you care very deeply about, all of life’s trivialities, dramas and roadblocks will not seem big anymore. This one thing that you care about, will get you through it all.

“A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.” - Eric Hoffer



To sum up, we have limited energy. Be very attentive to where you exert your mental energy.

If you find yourself caring about life’s trivialities that really shouldn’t matter, you are doing something wrong.

Here are 3 tips to combat the same:

  1. Accept the simple Fact of Life – there will always be ups and down.
  2. Hope for the best. Expect the worse.
  3. Find a purpose or a passion or something that makes you really happy, no matter what.


P.S. Please do tell us how this article has helped you in getting over your problems, in the comments below.



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