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The Most Significant Types Of Relationships

Here, we are going to list down the most important types of relationships that we have or will have in our lives.

It’s hardly a surprise that since our birth we start to form relationships. No matter who we are, where we are born and how we grow up, one thing is consistent – our need to bond with another being.


Baby – Parent Relationship

It could be any relationship that a newborn forms with its mother, father, grandparent, or another caregiver. This is the most important relationship in our lives because it becomes the basis for all our future personal connections.

That is why so much emphasis is put on the care we receive as kids. And any deviation, no matter how small, affects the rest of our lives.


Sibling’s Relationship

Often the second most important people we meet after our parents are our siblings. The relationship here differs from the first one in some ways and if it develops the right way can be much stronger.

There might be love and care in this relationship but there is also partnership or in some cases – rivalry.

This relationship is the first exercise that you will take to form new connections outside of the baby-parent bond.

Our parents still play a huge role here because they teach us how we should handle this relationship. This will also affects how we handle the next type of connection.



Even though it comes later, the bond that we form with people outside of our family has a power over us almost as great as our family’s.

Connecting with someone who is different from our parents or siblings plays a huge role in our emotional and psychological development.

Later, in our teen years, this relationship becomes the mirror through which we see ourselves in the world. Our friends shape many of our qualities, attitudes and even simple preferences like music, style even food, accordingly.


Role Model Relationship

This one is a little tricky due to the fact that it could be either a one or a two-way street. It doesn’t necessarily come later in life. It can exist right from our childhood but its power usually grows stronger after we reach 10 years.

The bond that a little boy forms with Batman or any superhero and the one a teenage girl forms with her favorite singer can modify their behavior and the way they see the world.

That is why there are many talks about the examples that celebrities set. We should be careful whom we pick for our children to look up to. This is the one-way street type of role model relationship.

We can also form a similar connection with a person we actually know. It could be a sibling, an uncle or even a mentor. This type of connection is even stronger because the interactions allow for a much greater effect.

This connection, also called two-way street type, is much stronger, especially in our teens. Since, we meet this person face to face, we depend on them and care about them more. They have bigger effect on us.


Love relationship

In this type of relationship, things usually get really complicated for most of us. This type is quite unique even though, it bears some resemblance to some of the other ones.

When we meet a person whom we want to start a family with, we usually compare this type with our first relationship – the one we have with our parents.

That is not enough, as we need a partner whom we can trust the same way we do our sibling or friend. Our attraction to them also steps in to play.

How we take all of these components into account is up to us.

However, the choices we make about this relationship are based on our personality, which was formed as a result of our previous relationships.


What To Take From This Article?

  1. The relationship between a child and its parents is the basic relationship that all the others will be built on.
  2. Siblings play a huge role in how we see partnership and rivalry.
  3. Choose our friends carefully – they shape the way we see the world and ourselves.
  4. Role models are important so we need to be careful when choosing them.
  5. How we handle our love relationships depends on how all the previous ones developed.


P.S. Do you have another type of relationship besides the one you find here?