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Men and Women Relationship – How are Men Different?

When it comes to men and women relationships, men are different from women. It is often due to these differences that problems occur between men and women.


How Different Are Men from Women?

In order to resolve relationship problems and create a lasting bond between partners, we must know how men are different from women.

Here are a few clearly evident differences:

1. Men Long For Space In Order To Reconnect With Themselves.

Often, men long for ‘space’ and distance in order to feel ‘free’. Women don’t understand men’s need for space. When a man pulls away in a relationship, the woman assumes that love has vanished between them, and it is the end of their relationship!

The reality is quite different. When a man says he needs space, it means that all is not well in the relationship. It indicates how men are different from women.

A man might be taking time away from his woman to gain his feeling of ‘his self’ in this relationship. It is this desire for autonomy and freedom that makes men who they are!

So, it is normal for a man to get distanced even though he is in a serious relationship with a woman. Actually, the woman should take this as a positive symptom – it helps a man return to his feeling of self and reconnect to her in a better way.

The possibility of a man returning back for more love increases if he is given the space he needs. You cannot always doubt a man’s need for space, as it is often a way out for a man to feel what he is.

Relationship between Men and Women – How are Men Different?


2. Men Justify Themselves By Their Partner’s Happiness

It is of utmost importance for men to feel the satisfaction of providing happiness to their partners.

When the women do not give their man the needed space, the men may be less inclined to take initiatives to please the opposite sex.

If you are a woman, let your man justify his role of taking care of his partner, YOU. Simply enjoy the wonderful and loving relationship with your man!

Both the partners will be happier if the women don’t perceive men’s much needed space negatively.

Men perceive the outside world with an open mind. He can solve problems better through reasoning – it makes him feel good! The orientation of his mind helps him fix things.

What women need to do is to respect this different approach of men! Don’t force your men to understand your emotions; just experience your emotions, as they come and go in a flash.

A man, not being able to understand your heart-felt emotions does not mean that he does not care enough or that he doesn’t want to help you. In reality, he just doesn’t know how to react to an outburst of emotions.

Just communicate your feelings to him and he will do his best to address them. If he can help you in any way, most probably he will.

Don’t detest the difference.

Don’t misunderstand the difference.

Just appreciate the difference that exists between you and him, as it might also be the cause of your loving and wonderful relationship.



When it comes to relationships, men are different from women. For example:

  1. Men long for space in order to reconnect with themselves.
  2. Unlike women, men justify themselves by their partner happiness

Appreciate the difference that exists between you and him, as it may also be the cause of your loving and wonderful relationship.