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The Modern Love Story – Here is Your Relationship Help

  • Do you often find yourself complaining that your partner doesn't plan special dates and need relationship help?
  • Do you think the spark in your marriage has gone?
  • Does the sentence, “I am too busy” creep in every time you plan something special?

In today’s competitive world, you spend the majority of your time earning money and the rest of your time is consumed taking care of the family.

This is when sustaining a relationship might feel difficult at times. You might feel the daily grind taking over your romance and your relation with your man might feel stale. However, this is totally acceptable.

Ramon Bautista rightly said,


What Is The Definition Of A Successful Relationship For You?

Is it all about spending time together? Going on romantic dates?

Spending hours talking with each other or something else?

If you think that your relationship with your partner is far from successful, YOU are mistaken. The words ‘successful’ are generally used to describe a person’s life goals.

YOUR RELATIONSHIP is not a goal; it is an evolution of your commitment, vulnerability and self-awareness.

A successful relation does not have a start or a finish line and it is more about a sense of security rather than an accomplishment.

A successful relationship starts with two people who want to stay together, who want to stand by each other in both the good and bad times. They constantly challenge themselves to grow beyond their comfort zone.

A successful relationship does not free you from everyday struggle; rather a successful relationship helps you become a better communicator. You can easily solve different problems that might have an effect on your relationship.

It is more about knowing yourself and your partner better. This will acknowledge the potentials problems that might be causing you to drift away from your partner.

It is really difficult to accept that your pride is overriding your defenses and stopping you from being honest with your partner. If you want your romantic relationship to be successful, you need to first commit to your own self-development.


Take Baby Steps To Make Your Relationship A Success

Start by writing down all your expectations, your emotions and a list of all the things you want from your relationship. By knowing what you actually expect from your relationship, will make it a lot easier to work on.

You need to first establish a relationship with your own self in order to create and sustain a healthy and successful relationship with someone else.

You need to own up to your emotions, your pain, and insecurities, which might have contributed to your past relationship’s failure.

When you challenge yourself, your self-confidence will grow manifolds and you will attract positive energy. You will be attracting people with your genuine qualities rather than acts of desperation. You need to take the necessary risks to help the other person understand you.

By working on yourself, you will make a huge difference in making your relationship a success. You will be able to achieve a relationship that you never thought was possible.

In this modern and highly competitive society, you can only love the other person if you love yourself selflessly.

P.S. Have you felt this was possible, loving yourself first before loving others?