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How To Make A Simple Resume That Will Land You A Job In 2019?

Nowadays, sending a standardised simple resume to a bunch of companies will just not cut the case. The rules of the game have changed.

In fact, 60% of the resumes are reviewed by a computerized scanning system and are never even seen by human eyes.

Moreover, the competition is cut throat. For example, Yahoo gets roughly 2,000 resumes every working day!

So considering the above state of affairs –


How Do You Curate A Simple Resume That Wins YOU The Job?

You may have read many tips and articles ‘To write a good resume.’ But, be careful, most of these people probably wouldn’t have hired anyone in their lifetime. How can we trust their advice?

On the contrary, I have the experience of hiring quite a number of people over the past 8 years of my online business. Therefore, I will be able to give you insider tips and information as to how the actual hiring process works.

Insider Tips That Will Put You At An Advantage:

1. Use Professional E-Mail Address

Your email ID is the first thing that an employer would see.

Make sure that it contributes to a professional and good first impression of you because about 76% of the employers reject resumes that have unprofessional email addresses.


2. Address The Hiring Manager By Name

26% of the employers mentioned the above advice in a recent survey.

Also, here is one more thing you must be aware of –

During my own experience of hiring, I’ve had some applicants misspelling my name. Therefore, pay extra attention to the name and spelling of the recruiter, especially if the name is foreign to you!


3. Make Your Personal Website

This is trending nowadays – people who provide a link to their personal website get more call backs for interviews.

21% of the employers stated that it is advisable for applicants to have an online portfolio or blog. This will not only highlight your professional achievements in a unique manner but also expose your personality to a certain extent.

A personal website is easy to create but it will make a HUGE difference and help you standing out from the crowd.


4. Clean Your Social Media

70% of employers have said that they’ve turned down candidates because they found something negative online. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly check your profiles and remove any content that could possibly compromise you.

On an average, a new vacancy will get about 250 applications. Of course, the employer will not check the social media profiles for all the candidates.

However, if you were lucky enough to pass through the initial screening and be short-listed, it is most likely that your social media profile will be checked before sending out an interview invite.

Make sure that this is not a pitfall for you!


5. Your Network is your Net Worth. 

Like it or not – your network really matters. Referrals account for around 1/3 of all external hiring.

If you can connect with someone at the company, you are applying to; the chances of you landing a job there will increase dramatically.

You will not only have insider information about the company and its preferences but you may also get access to the email ID of the hiring manager itself.

Finally, you may get more information on the job vacancies as 80% of jobs are NOT posted online.

How do you connect with an insider of that company?

It is always good to associate with people in your industry and form a large network. You can also take advantage of social media apps, like LinkedIn, to connect with relevant people.

In fact, 73% of companies have used social media to successfully recruit and hire a candidate.

That is a huge percentage! So do not underestimate it.


P.S Which of these tips was an eye-opener for you?

Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov

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