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Interesting Facts Behind Man-Woman Relationship

The relationship between a man and a woman is one of the most important abstract entities in the journey of the human race.

It holds all the bonds including religious, social, family norms, customs, traditions, beliefs, and practices together.


What About The Other Relationships Out There?

Different kinds of relationships exist in our society. Even within a single family, you can find the husband-wife, parent-infant, brother-sister and also the grandparents-grandchildren relationships.

Relationships between men and women can be considered as the most basic form of human relationship which carries out the stream of our civilization.

Other relationships are dynamic with time, place, and activities but a man-woman relationship stays static in all ages. No one dares to deny the importance of this relationship.

Can This Relationship Last?

A man-woman relationship comes a long way in social terms of marriage and making commitments. Sometimes, it might become unstable naturally and might result in a breakup or separation ultimately.

But, we should not encourage separation rather we should nurture the relationships dearly with patient judgment and sacrificing our individual mentality to compromise.


What You Should Know?

This article will share some important issues that you should know. These issues exist in most relationships between men and women.

In most relationships, people always expect their partner to be just like them. They might not understand that it is not possible to change basic gender characteristics.

So, it is important to realize the basic gender differences that exist between a man and a woman. The realization is helpful for enriching your relationship rather than to damage it.

Men and women are totally different with respect to their minds, appearances, choices, tastes, expectations, desires, dreams, and even approaches.

That is why, they treat relationships in different ways.


What Made Them Differ?

The differentiation process is influenced by the factors surrounding them, like family, society, religion, education, beliefs and so on.

After the birth, the male and female children start to experience different bringing up processes that finally leads them to have different personalities.

Men and women are psychologically different. The right side of the female child’s brain develops fast while the left side of the male child’s brain grows faster.

This leads to the main difference in their both psychology at the very beginning of childhood.


How Does Society & Religion Make Them Different?

Society along with its norms, and its customs play a vital role in relationships as it reacts differently to man and woman.

Society inputs some features in men and women characters that result in their different attitudes and behavior. A relationship is largely dependent upon these attitudes and behavior of an individual.

Religion and its practices make male and female children differ in their way of thinking and how they lead their life. Religious beliefs teach both the man and woman to treat a relationship differently.

Most religions place an husband/male partner at a higher position than the wife/female partner.

Thus, religion and society influence our relationships silently but soundly.


Really? Education Also Differentiates!

Image Courtesy: thebluediamondgallery

Education is the process through which a person is enlightened with knowledge. But, this same education brings out totally different results from a man and a woman, with respect to their achieving power and capability of learning.

Education influences our personal lives as well as relationships. Usually educated couples are more logical to face anything. They like to consider themselves equal in all aspects.

Though this equality is necessary, sometimes it drives a wedge in relationships due to egoistic problems.

Uneducated or less educated spouses treat their relationships in accordance with their family, social & religious customs. They generally think male and female partners are not equal in their relationships.

This mentality makes the conjugal life somewhat smooth.  However, the spouses do not become successful relation bearers as they don’t consider their spouses as friends.

Sometimes, these relationships will have the ‘master-maid’ mentality that exist due to their lack of education. There are also other minor aspects that have influence over the relationships between men and women.


Then, What Do We DO?

Let us show you some major tools of maintaining a good man-woman relationship and prevent you from harming it.

You can use these seven qualities and nurture them properly to make yourself sincere and help maintain your relationship.

If you use and implement these 7 qualities, you can make your relationship sweet and make it last for a long time.



  • There are different kinds of relationships that can exist between a man & a woman.
  • The way a man approaches a relationship differs from that of a woman’s.
  • This difference is imbibed in each other by on factors like Upbringing, Society, Religion and even Education.
  • Always follow the 7 qualities to maintain a long lasting relationship.
    1. Respect
    2. Patience
    3. Compromising habit
    4. Sacrificing mentality
    5. Love and friendly behavior
    6. Realization of partner’s importance
    7. Understanding Ability With Effective Communication