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How To Boost Your Confidence During An Interview?

Interviews can be daunting. Not only are they important life events (oftentimes), but the mere pressure of being judged can get you riled up.

In such instances:

  • It is common to question ourselves.
  • Doubt our abilities.
  • Remember our past failures.
  • Second-guess ourselves.
  • Feel jitters.
  • Ramble without thinking.

Never the less, lack of confidence is the most harmful when we are faced with important situations – for example, a job interview. In fact, research shows that employers make their decision about your employment just 4 minutes after the interview! So it seems like after all, first impressions really do matter.

Performing with confidence, is what will land you the job. No matter how good you are, if you come across unconfident, you are already playing on your back-foot.

The interviewer will pick up on the slightest cues to judge your confidence and abilities. For example, the following things will have a profound impact on how the interviewer perceives you:

  1. How you carry yourself.
  2. How you speak.
  3. How you look.
  4. How you greet the interviewer.
  5. How you tackle a difficult question.

Therefore, it is very important to exhibit confidence from the very second you walk in to the room.

Here is the good news: confidence can be gained and maintained. If you don't have enough of it now, you can still work on it.

Here are 3 life-hacks to demonstrate confidence in an interview – Fake it till you make it!

1.  Maintain a Dominating Body posture

 Before you start the interview, just ask yourself “If I was really interested in what my interviewer was saying, how would I sit?”

The mere mental answer to this question will cause you to automatically adjust your body posture into one that is favourable for your impression.

Here are a few tips to maintain powerful and confident body posture:

1. Stand tall
Keep your shoulders back and head high. The amount of space you occupy sends a lot of subliminal messages about your credibility and confidence.
Stand tall Tip: Before you interview – close your eyes, take a deep breath, and roll your shoulder backward.

2. Make a conscious effort to lower your vocal pitch
Studies have shown that high-pitch tones are associated with nervousness. Moreover, people with shrill voice are judged as less empathetic, less assertive and less powerful.
Conversely, a person with a lower-pitch tone is perceived to be more reliable and confident.
Vocal Tone Tip: Close your lips tightly and recite “Um hum, um hum, um hum.” This will relax your larynx and bring your tone to an optimal level.

3. Widen your body presence
If you have a choice, opt to stand and walk around when presenting or interviewing. You, occupying more space, adds to the impression of confidence. However, if you are required to be seated – do not cross your legs. Instead lay it flat on the floor and widen your arms (away from the body).
Body presence Tip: Don't cross your hand or put them in your pockets.


Remind yourself of your strengths

 Power priming, that is, reminding yourself of your past successes, will bring back feelings and ‘feel good hormones’ associated with the past success. This will automatically cause a change in how you feel, communicate and look (presently).

 Power Priming Tip: Maintain a “success log” in your phone (or a book) – something that is easily accessible before important events. Prior to the event, have a quick read though this log.


Be present and in the moment

 Last but not the least, stay present and in the moment. No matter how much you prepare, you will always be faced with questions that you are unprepared for. Expect it.

So stay fully engaged and connect with the interviewer. Your brain is much more capable than what you think.



Exhibiting confidence is crucial during important events in your life – especially a job interview! Follow these life-hacks to appear more confident:

  1. Maintain a dominating Body posture
  2. Remind yourself of your strengths
  3. Be present and in the moment


P.S Share with us your tricks and tips of excelling in your interviews



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