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How To Stop Feeling Sad And Alone: 4 Ways Out

We all feel low or little depressed from time to time – days when we wake up feeling low on energy and motivation. 

There could be different reasons for feeling down. Perhaps, it is a work problem? Or an argument with a friend? Or frustrations about not having achieved your goals? Or insecurity about your looks? It could be anything.  

We have all had days when we feel unproductive and miserable.  

But, don't worry. There are tried and tested ways to deal with sadness. 


The 4 Levels of Being 

There are 4 different levels which help you to face difficult situations. The root cause of your depression lies in one of these levels.  

With respect to these 4 levels, we will answer: 

  1.  Which is the level you need to work on? 
  2.  How can you do that? 

Level 1: Body Level 

How do emotions originate? 

Emotions are generated by the hormones which are secreted by our body. Hence, the state of our mind depends on the state of our body. 

So, what can we do? 

Keep moving, no matter what. In fact, did you know that human beings are the best (amongst all the animals on this planet) at long-distance running?  

“Running has substantially shaped human evolution. Running made us human – at least in an anatomical sense.” 

University of Utah 

Now, it doesn’t mean you have to literally run. Rather it means that you have to keep moving. When you move, your breath is deeper and your body gets more oxygen. In order to feel energetic, it is very important to maintain an active lifestyle.  

Another important factor is your diet. If you consume hard-to-digest foods like meat or fried potatoes, your body gets overloaded with it. It worsens the quality of your sleep and eventually leads to bad dreams. Since your body was occupied with digestion, you may feel exhausted and not refreshed in the morning.  

If you go for light and easy-to-digest foods like fruits, vegetables, and water, you will remain refreshed and productive throughout your day.  

Do not underestimate the power of the link between your body and your emotional state. Start a healthy diet today and you will indeed start feeling better very soon.  

Level 2: Emotional level  

Oftentimes, negative situations can cause us to feel low. It can be a relationship issue or chronic illness or some sort of work stress. On the other hand, these very problems can be motivating for some people – it can inspire them to change their life for the better.  

For instance, if bullied, some people would be depressed while some would just face it. Thus, for those who accept it, their life changes for the better – they start feeling inspired and stronger!  

It always depends on you and your interpretation of the situation.  

Here’s an interesting story -  

A guy’s marriage came to an end. He lost his daughter’s custody. Eventually, he became addicted to heroin. To fund his drug addiction, he resorted to stealing. Two years later, he escaped from the prison and fled to India. He lived there, in hiding, for the next 10 years.  

Finally, he was arrested in Germany after being caught for smuggling heroin into the country. He served a further six years in prison. Two of these years, he spent in solitary confinement.  

Wondering who this guy is?

Gregory David Roberts - an Australian author, best known for his novel Shantaram.  

Shantaram is partially based on different adventures and adversities that he went through. Even though he experienced a lot of pain, his life was quite unique. Perhaps, this is why his book became a best seller!  

Later he set up charitable foundations to assist the poor with health care coverage. In the end, he reunited with his daughter. After all, he had a happy ending, right?  

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” 

There are times when we cannot resolve the problems overnight. However, it all depends on your outlook. The power is in your hands to transform your life.  

Level 3: Intellectual Level 

Have you ever noticed, we tend to think about negative things more than the positive ones? 

Like firefighter runs from one fire to another. Similarly, we go from one problem to another, trying to fix the different problems we have. 

Is there a way out of this negative pattern of thinking? 

Well. Yes! 

All you need to do is to set up a goal for yourself.  

When you have a goal, your thinking is directed towards positivity - something you want to achieve. Since we cannot think about different things simultaneously, every time you think about your goal, you will automatically stop thinking about other problems.  

Eventually, you will feel better and more positive.  

Therefore, thinking about your goals allows you to be a master of your fate and not a victim of your circumstances. You will be empowered to change your life the way you want it.   

Level 4: Spiritual level 

At times we feel low for no apparent reason. There are several questions we tend to ask ourselves: 

  1. Why do I even exist? 
  2. What do I seek 
  3. What is the purpose of life? 

Everyone is unique to some extent but along with you, there are billions of other people who have the same questions about life and their purpose.  

Our DNA is 99.9% identical. So, the solutions that worked for others may also work for you. According to research, only 4% of the world’s population are crystal clear about their purpose in life. The rest 96% are still unaware of their purpose of life. 

Again, to find your purpose in life, there are time-tested solutions. One of them is ‘Maslow's hierarchy of needs.’  

This theory asserts that we need to satisfy different levels of needs:  

  1. Physiological needs – food, shelter, security, clothing. 
  2. Social belonging maintain a cordial relationship with family and friends.  
  3. Self-actualization - realize your creative potential. Self-actualization involves success, pride, and respect.  

The highest level, the transcendence level, goes beyond your personal ego. This level involves serving the world to make it a better place.  

Most famous historical personalities have attained this level. They’ve thought about making a difference and leaving a positive legacy on this planet.  

Another way to get clarity on your purpose in life is to think about people you admire, maybe your close ones or some famous personality. If their lives resonate with your vision, then your path becomes more clear.  

Remember it is okay to feel low at times. Overcoming the same is what’s important.  

PS: What is your way to improve your mood? If you have other ways to overcome negative emotions, please share them in the comments section below. We value your participation!

Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov

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