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Every Failure Is Only A Step Closer Towards Success

“Every failure is a step closer to success” is one of the most well-known quotes.

But how many of us really live by this mantra?

In life, when we fail, no matter how small the failure is, we usually feel demotivated.

In today’s world, ‘instant gratification’ is the new norm. We want to relish the fruits without having to go through the hard work of growing the plant.

But, reality does not work that way. Getting up requires falling.


Why Haven’t These Big Billionaire Tycoons Failed?

 Well, this is a myth.

In fact, 70% of the start-ups fail within the first 10 years of their start.

Here are three examples of famous entrepreneurs who failed before becoming successful:

#1   Disney World, started by Walt Disney, is currently valued at  $35 Billion. However, prior to starting his business, Walt Disney, was fired by a newspaper editor for not having good ideas and no imagination.

#2  Thomas Edison, inventor of light bulb, tried more than 10,000 times inventing a successful one. When asked about this, he said, “definitively over 9,000 ways that an electric light bulb will not work.”

#3 Henry Ford, the founder of the infamous automobile company and assembly line technique of mass production, failed two times before starting his business.

So, it is important to understand that ‘failure is a part of life’. It is normal. It happens to everyone. Failure doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Here are 10 quotes to motivate you to regard failure not as a bad thing but rather as a learning experience to better yourself:

1. “If the fire in your heart is strong enough, it will burn away any obstacles that come your way.” ― Suzy Kassem.


2. “Always take failure as an opinion; never as an option.” ― Johnnie Dent Jr.


3. “Don’t bury your failures, let them inspire you.”  ― Robert Kiyosaki


4. “You only fail when you give up! The harder the road, the greater the victory at the end of it. Your choice and path is yours. Give up, or keep moving forward!”― Napz Cherub Pellazo


5. “Failure is just a realization to better way to success.”― Meeran W. Malik


6. “Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.” ― Anonymous


7. “To succeed in life, you must build the capacity to go through failure and the resistance from allowing that failure go through you.” ― Awolumate Samuel


8. “ Failure is the Shoe that I Wear. I can't Walk a Step without it.”― Vineet Raj Kapoor


9. “The master has failed more times than the beginner has tried.” ― McCranie


10. “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”  ―  Bill Gates



To sum up, DON’T FEAR FAILURE. Don’t let the possibility of failure stop you from working towards your dream. Every failure is a step closer to success. When you do fail, just get up, learn from your mistake, and get back at it stronger than ever before.

Use failure as an opportunity to grow and not as a reason to remain stagnant.

 P.S. Have you heard of anyone who has used failure to be their stepping stones of success? If so, please do write in the comments section.



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