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How to change your mindset for success (with Real-Life Examples)

When the New year is around the corner it's common for people to want to change their mindset and reflect on their accomplishments during the current year and set goals for the new year. At the same time, it was found that 80 % of the New year resolutions fail by the second week of February.  By the end of the year, only 8 % of people end up accomplishing their goals. Why is this statistic so sad and how to make your goals come true?

How to change your mindset for goals

In this article, you're going to learn the mindsets that differentiate, those who achieve great successes from the rest of the population. By incorporating these mindsets you'll be able to be unstoppable and make sure that everything that you planned turns into a reality.

The mindset is something that you have to cultivate from the inside you can't just say to yourself "don't worry be happy" and make it a reality.

No, this is something that you've got to feel deep from the inside only then it'll impact your life and that is why for this article I've compiled a lot of real-life stories so that you can really feel what resonates with you and actually start following the mindset of the winners

There are 3 main mindsets that we will talk about and each of them can have a great profound positive effect on your life.


1. Don’t Live On “Someday Isle".

Video Transcript and 2 More Mindset Traits of Successful People:

This concept has been described greatly by one of the famous motivational speakers Brian Tracy, who said the following:

Most people have great goals: “I want to increase my income, lose weight, be happy and healthy, and have a wonderful family.”

But then they decide: “But before I start I’m going to take a vacation to a beautiful place called ‘Someday Isle’.”

It turns out that oftentimes unsuccessful people have all the same ideas and goals as compared with successful people. The only difference is that successful people immediately put their ideas in actions, and don’t wait for the perfect time to begin.

Let me share with you a short story. Ash was 45 years old when she didn't get a long-awaited and well-deserved promotion in the company she was working for. She was frustrated and quit her job.

In the same year, she married her new husband, and they planned to start a new business together. However, just a month later her husband died of a heart attack. And here she's: 45 years old, frustrated, just lost her job, and her husband.

This may seem a completely unsuitable time to start a new business, and yet this is exactly what she did just a month later.

The only start-up capital she had was $5000, given by her oldest son who wanted to help.

You may have heard about the company she founder – it’s Mary Kay Cosmetics. So the woman I’m talking about is Mary Kay Ash.

Nowadays this company is one of the biggest network marketing companies in the world, with a wholesale volume of $3.7 billion. Mary Kay was honored as a leading female entrepreneur in American history.

Let me wrap this up with one of my most favorite quotes, which is an old Chinese proverb:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."


2. I'll do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.

I've learned one very useful insight from my experience as a coach. Progress is a change for the better. And, therefore, progress is impossible without change. But that is a hard pill to swallow. Oftentimes, we want to improve our life but we just imagine that we will have a bigger and better version of what we already have.

How to change your mindset for success,mindset quotes

But in reality, oftentimes it doesn't work that way if you want to change your life it means that things will change. They will not just become a little bit better they will become different.

Arnold Schwarzenegger,  the bodybuilding champion and the famous Hollywood actor and 2 times governor of California said that during his seminars he asks people why do they practice sports and when those athletes tell him some vague definition of their goals.

He replies to this "if you think like that you're gonna be a loser. I want to hear that you get up and say I want to be a champion and whatever it takes to achieve my dream I will do it."

In order to achieve a big goal, you have to take hundreds if not thousands of different steps and you cannot stop by and think and rethink at every step of the way because otherwise your progress will be too slow and you will never reach your destination.

Arnold knows very well what he's talking about. In order to achieve his goals, he needed to totally change his career a few times.  He immigrated to another country, he started to speak a new language, he changed his appearance, he totally transformed his body to become a bodybuilding champion and then he needed to transform it once again to become a Hollywood actor, he needed to work in his accent, his public speaking and many other skills.

When you hear stories like this it may seem like it must take a lot of sacrifices to achieve your goals but in reality the successful people don't take it as a sacrifice because they are so enthusiastic about the goals that they see in front of them that they are actually joyful about the process of reaching those goals and they are excited about everything that will move them closer to turning their dreams into reality

So they don't see it as a sacrifice they see it as an exciting journey to making their dreams come true. And the thing is there will be a lot of obstacles in your way.

And the only way to overcome them successfully is to commit yourself in advance and to say yourself that "whatever it takes I will do that and whatever problem that occurs I'll find a way to resolve".

“If you're interested, you will do what is convenient; if you're committed, you'll do whatever it takes.” – John Assaraf


3. No excuses

The single greatest positive force in your life is having your goals and dreams. As an old saying goes "You cannot hit the target that you don't see".

And the second greatest obstacle to make your dreams come true is excuses. I've been a fan of personal development since I was a teenager and often times when I was discussing these things with my friends with other people or when I was checking some content about this on the internet.

I've always seen that there are many people who come up with excuses to justify why other people achieve success and they don't.

And here are some of the common excuses:

  • I don't have time
  • I don't have money
  • I don't have a good education
  • I don't have the necessary connections
  • I don't have the necessary skills and talents

And the list goes on and on

The worst part is there could be some truth in each of those statements in relevance to you. But it is also true to say that there are many other people who were in the exact same condition like you or even at a much worse condition and yet they found the way to overcome and end up achieving their goals.

When you adopt the "no excuses" mindset. You burn the bridges and you leave yourself no way to escape. By doing this, you concentrate all of your mental energy on moving forward and you utilize 100 % of your potential without second-guessing and without anything that holds you back and that is why this approach is so powerful and it makes you unstoppable and ruthless in pursuing your dreams.

Growth mindset, fixed mindset

Here I am going to share with you a few stories that'll just help you see how other people overcame various obstacles that they had and so that you'll see how you can do the same in your life.


A. I have no money, I have no experience or I'm too old for this.

John Sperling was born in a poor family he even worked a couple years as a sailor in the merchant marine. When he was in his fifties with no investors and no experience in business facing what he described in his biography as "Mean-spirited opposition from accreditation agencies, competitors and the press". He founded the University of Phoenix.

The first class was attended by only 8 people. However, he continued expanding the university which later transformed into the Apollo group and nowadays, the University of Phoenix has more than 200 campuses worldwide and has a current enrollment of 420,700 undergraduate students.

University of Phoenix

Different researches state that from 70 to 80 % of millionaires are self-made so if you're starting out from scratch. You are in very good company.

Moreover, on average the millionaires went bankrupt 3 times during their lifetime so not only they needed to start from scratch but even more so they had to start all over again several times throughout their life and definitely if you have a lack of money, to begin with, it should never stop you.

You can seek financial support from your friends, family, banks. investors, crowdfunding or just start small and grow gradually by reinvesting the money that you make which is known as a bootstrapping strategy.


B. It's all about having connections and they don't know the right people.

Here it would be interesting to quote Jon Morrow, founder of the website that made him a total of $5.3 million.

“Connections definitely matter, but I don’t think meeting the right people is a matter of luck. When I was a beginner, I made a list of all the people I wanted to know, and I mapped out a strategy for building a relationship with each of them. It’s no coincidence that, years later, all of them are friends. I made sure of it"

By the way. Jon Marrow is an incredible person in another way as well which brings us to the next common excuse.


C. I'm going through a certain challenging period of my life.

Jon Marrow was almost totally paralyzed and can only move his face and yet using speech recognition technology he managed to develop several successful internet businesses that made him a millionaire from his wheelchair.


D. I don't have talent.

You've probably heard of Usain Bolt, the 9-time Olympic gold medalist. He's largely considered to be a natural talent and the greatest sprinter of all times.

However, few people know that he actually suffered a lot from his back pain caused by scoliosis and also you can just check out the quick video below which shows the training process of Usain Bolt and how he says how he was about to quit almost every time when he needed to go to training. So check out the video.


E. I'm going through a tough period of my life.

In 2016, Margarita Mamun became the Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Being young, beautiful and successful seems like everything is going her way. Not many people know that the last words that her coach told her right before her decisive performance in the Olympics were the words "do it for your father" and it is because at that moment her father was dying of cancer and actually when she went back home and showed him the gold medal. She really was super happy but her father died like a few days after.

So the truth is oftentimes what we see from other people and the ease at which they achieve something in life is deceptive. We just don't know all the hardships that they had in the backstage.

Just like Usain Bolt said in the previous video that you might have seen.

“The work is behind the scenes. Competition is the easy part.” Usain Bolt


F. I don't have the necessary skills.

Did you know that Shakira was born in Colombia and she needed to learn to speak English before she could become one of the world's popular singer alongside she also learned fluent Portuguese and Arabic.

the necessary skills for success

A similar story is true for many other celebrities, for instance, Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong,  Mila Kunis in Ukraine. Ricky Marty in Puerto Rico and Antonio Banderas in Spain and the list goes on.

Truth is all the skills are learnable. It is just a matter of you putting the time and effort necessary to master the certain skill and to train it enough number of times.

Let me wrap this up with a quote from Steve Maraboli

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.” ― Steve Maraboli



Adopting the above-described mindset traits will help you to belong to a small group of lucky fellows who not only dream their dreams but make them come true. Here are the mindsets for success once again.

  1. Don’t Live On “Someday Isle”.
  2. I'll do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.
  3. No excuses.

Which story impressed you the most? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed reading this article please share it with your friends by clicking the button below.

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