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Category: Emotions & Meaning

6 Choices You Will Regret Forever

Are you a workaholic? Have you ever stopped for a while and smelled the roses? If you haven’t, then this article is for YOU. It tells the story of Valentine, a hospice worker and the regrets of the dying hospice inmates.

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Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence

Single Best Affirmation to increase self-confidence

Have you lacked self-confidence all your life? Do you think you are stuck with this ‘lack of confidence’? Well, You are wrong! This so-called ‘Lack of Self-confidence’ is not part of your body nor is it imprinted in your genes. You can change your situation and become more confident! Read this article and give yourself CONFIDENCE AFFIRMATION!

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7 Political Manipulation Techniques – Exposed

It is no surprise that politicians, corporations, propaganda, and advertisements are willing to manipulate people. You might have even observed some of the techniques used by politicians many times.

Intuitively, you understand how manipulation works. Then what is it that you don’t know about? It’s the mechanics of these techniques in detail!

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