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How Can I Get Rich With No Money?

How can I get rich with no money? When from Wall Street employees and founders of tech start-ups to Hollywood celebrities and pop singers – today’s media is filled with stories of highly successful and influential people.

We can’t help but admire their huge mansions, expensive cars, and uber luxurious lifestyles.

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However, the stories of these people are largely misrepresented in media. The reality is quite different.

how can I get rich with no money

In this article, we will explore realistic stories as well ways of how you get rich with no money.

How Much Money Are People Making?


What Is Their Source Of Income?

For the 99% of taxpayers making less than $500,000, salaries account for 75% of their gross income (according to a study by the US Tax Policy Centre, 2012).

jobs that make you richImage Courtesy: thebluediamondgallery.com

However, if you look at those that are making millions of dollars, their sources of income are completely different. Their incomes usually come from investments and businesses. Only a fraction of these people has their income coming from salaries.

In fact, you can see the above for yourself – check out the ‘100 richest people on the planet’. You will realise that most of them are entrepreneurs and investors.

Let's further explore these 2 sources of income – Investments and Entrepreneurship.



Many financial experts have claimed that it is possible to consistently invest small amounts of money (example: $100 per month) over a long period of time, and manage to make sizeable results. However, in reality, it usually does not work.

Investments are a great thing. However, you do need to have some level of money to start off.

Think about it – imagine you are earning $50,000 a year and have a family of 4, would you really be able to save enough money to invest? NO!

Therefore, investment is a nice thing. No doubt.

However, if you are not rich currently, it is advisable to not rely on investments as a primary source of income and a method to become rich.

This brings us to the other source of income – entrepreneurship.



The typical media usually show us clichéd stories –

A student drops out of university.
He starts up with his highly creative idea.
He becomes a lifestyle entrepreneur.
Traveling around the world.
Minting lots of money.
Living the life to the FULLEST.

how can I get rich with no money

However, the above story is an exception. In reality, the situation is very different.

In fact, have a look at these statistics of the age when self-made millionaires acquired their wealth.

  • 1% before the age of 40 
  • 3% age 40-45 
  • 16% age 46-50 
  • 28% age 51-55 
  • 31% age 56-60
  • 21% after the age of 60 

As you can see, most of the people manage to get rich only after the age of 50.

will I ever be rich

Even then, people still look for quick shortcuts to get rich. Here are the things that people usually Google:

  • ‘Get rich in a short period of time…’
  • ‘How to become rich in one day?’
  • ‘How to become rich overnight?’

Don't buy into this stuff.
It is TOTAL nonsense.
It will never happen overnight.

The chances of you winning a lottery are just about the same as being struck by lightning.

So don't count on that. It’ll be silly to do so!

Also, here’s another interesting fact –

Many types of research have concluded that most millionaires are NOT college dropouts. On the contrary, most of them have had a very good education.

Moreover, the majority of successful entrepreneurs have worked at least 7 years in the industry before starting their own venture.


“That's all fine. But what if I don't have money?

How can I possibly start a business if I have no money?!”

If you can turn $1 into $2, you will be able to turn $1 million into $2 million.

If you can't turn $1 into $2, then guess what – you’ll probably waste the $1 million (instead of turning it into $2 million).

The real problem is not a lack of money. Rather, it is the lack of knowledge and expertise. Therefore, if you have the necessary knowledge, you will definitely be able to turn $1 into $2.

The trick is to START SMALL. But grow slowly and steadily.

If you can turn your $100 into $200, then into $400, and then into $800…. (You see where I’m going) …you’ll definitely be on the path to becoming rich.

Slowly BUT Steadily.

will I ever be rich

Here is an anecdote –

A man was once asked, how he managed to get rich.

He replied, “Well, when I was a kid, my neighbor gave me an apple, so I washed it and sold it for 5 cents. Then I bought two apples, washed them, and sold them.

Repeated the same thing over the course of many years, until… my uncle died, and I inherited millions of dollars.”

how can I get rich with no money

Still, unless your relatives are millionaires, you’ll have to start small and grow your business steadily.

My advice is – Start Your Business as a Source Of Side Income – moonlight it while you have your main job. Then, as your income from your business grows to a substantial amount, you can quit your day job and concentrate solely on your business.



In order to get rich (even when you are starting with ‘0’ money), here are the steps you can take:

  • Start your business, but be well prepared for it. You have to become an expert in the niche of your business. You need to have a good education in the area or you’ll have to work on self-teaching yourself that knowledge.
  • It is advisable to work in the industry, as an employee, for at least 7 years before you start your own business in that sector.
  • When you do start your business, start small and grow slowly but steadily.


P.S. The above advice is not fancy or even exciting.
But it works.

Will YOU try it out? Or will you prefer buying a lottery ticket?

Igor Smirnov

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