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6 Fun Ways You Can Enable Your Child Development

Child's Development’- a word that might seem like a stern gaze staring at you but the truth is that, it is all about great experiences and having lots of fun!

6 Fun Ways You Can Enable Your Child’s Personality Development


You As A Parent

When you are a parent, you are bound to be obsessed with your child’s personality. If you think not, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever looked at other kids and found some qualities that are missing in your child?
  • Have you ever compared your child with other children?
  • Have you ever dreamt of your child having a dynamic personality better than yours?
  • Have you tried everything possible to get your child to impress the world?

If your answer to at least 1 of the questions is ‘YES’, then as a parent, you are guilty of all this and a lot more!

The GOOD NEWS is – All parents do this. There is nothing wrong.
The BAD NEWS is – You have been following a wrong path all this while!


Then, How Can I Develop my Child’s Personality Development?

Personality development is not about seriously pursuing the textbook methods. Instead, here are 6 fun ways to enhance your child’s personality:


1. Let your child ADOPT HOBBIES

The more hobbies your child has, the wider will be his/her perspective about the world. If your child is obsessed with watching television, direct him/her away to a more constructive medium. Expose your child to the experience of theatre, plays, meaningful cinema etc.


2. Inculcate a READING HABIT in your child

Books are the best personality development tools in the world. A child armed with knowledge will definitely know how to deal with the world.

When you are trying to inculcate book-reading habit in your child, do not jump right into classics. You can suggest books that can add value to their life, depending on their interests.


3. Let your child take up a FUN RESPONSIBILITY

Have you ever thought of giving your child some responsibility? Did you then discard that thought, thinking that the time is not right?
This is a common mistake that parents make and you, as a parent, need to think beyond this limitation. Just for fun, let your child decide how to spend the money gifted by their grandparents.

Your trust and confidence can empower your child, and at the same time, train them to take their own wise decisions.


4. Play games WITH YOUR CHILD

Do you leave your child alone when he/she is playing video games or watching a favourite cartoon?

6 Fun Ways You Can Enable Your Child’s Personality Development
Why don’t you accompany your child in doing what he/she enjoys at least once in a while? This quality time can work wonders for your child’s personality.


5. Let your child EXPERIENCE the wonders of TRAVELLING

It is one thing to take your child on a holiday and another to let him/her experience travelling in its truest form.

Expose them to the local culture, cuisines, traditions and customs of the place you are travelling to. A well-travelled child always has a strong personality.


6. TAKE your child OUT with your friends

How often do you leave your child in the care of a nanny or a grandparent when you go out meet your friends? Probably, most of the time.
Well, you do need to socialise with your friends, but once in a while, it is a good idea to take your child along. Conversations with adults pave a great way for a child’s learning and development.

Take a deep breath, relax and let your child be. They are not in some competition. The important thing is to ENJOY LIFE and to be a NICE PERSON.

Every child has an inherent personality; only to a certain extent can their personality be honed with interactions and activities.



Personality Development does not have to be boring. Here are 6 fun ways to enhance your child’s development:

  1. Let your child adopt hobbies.
  2. Inculcate reading habit in your child.
  3. Let your child take up a fun responsibility.
  4. Play games with your child.
  5. Let your child experience travel.
  6. Take your child out with your friends.

P.S. Do you play with your child often? If not, try it and tell us how your child felt when you played with him/her.