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9 Celebrities Who Struggled With Low Self-Esteem

A few weeks ago, a popular singer – Tiwa Savage, stunned millions of fans when she revealed that she feels depressed at times because of her low self-esteem.

This is why we have compiled this article to reveal the unexpected stories of other celebrities with low self-esteem at some point in their lives, which in turn negatively affected their career.

Here are the celebrity stories:

9 Celebrities Who Struggled with Low Self-Esteem

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1. Jennifer Lopez 

Jenifer is one of the most famous singers and celebrity in the world. In fact, People Magazine named her the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2011.

Struggled with self-esteem

Surprising to know that even such a person would face low self-confidence right?

Well, Lopez revealed that she suffered from low self-esteem, especially in the beginning of her career. This was worsened by the public criticism that is common in her industry.

So how did she cope with this?

Her trick was positive self-talk –

Jennifer used to tell herself:

“I'm gonna make another record. I'm a great actress, I'm a great singer, a great dancer. I'm great at this stuff! And I'm gonna keep going!”

In this 2-minute interview, Jennifer Lopez talks about her issues with low self-esteem. She explains that in a world that is filled with judgments and critics (let alone your inner critic!), it is common to feel low and have doubts about yourself. The solution to this is constant positive self-talk and affirmations!

2. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage just revealed that even though she enjoys professional success, she needs to battle low self-esteem from time to time.

Tiwa Savage Self esteem stories

Here is what she says, “I get a lot of messages from young girls who are depressed with low self-esteem because they don’t feel pretty like the social media girls they see every day, and my heart breaks because I feel like that too sometimes.”

She adds, contrary to popular beliefs, she "rarely sees herself as a beautiful woman.” She explains that people are able to look flawless on social media mostly because of the availability of photo editing soft wares, make-up, and other beauty enhancers.

So, what’s the takeaway?

This research finding sums it up – ‘60% of people using social media reported that it has impacted their self-esteem in a negative way.’

If you limit your social media usage or become more aware of the realities behind the mask of social media, your self-esteem may shoot up. This is because the selective “beautiful” pictures posted by others on social media may lead you to imprudently think that you “aren’t good enough.”

Be aware that most people post photos of the best moments in their lives or photos that have been edited for beauty. Don’t compare yourself with the unrealistic presentation of others.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Schwarzenegger is widely regarded as the perfect example of ‘American dream accomplishment’ and a symbol of masculinity.

He too suffered from lack of self-confidence. He said,

“As a kid, I was a perfect example of someone who was not confident at all.”

So what was his cure?

In his words, “We all have great inner power. The power is self-faith. You have to see yourself winning before you win.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Struggled with low self-esteem

Schwarzenegger explained that he used to visualize himself standing on a podium, long before he became a bodybuilding champion. This practice got him into a mindset where he felt like he was a champion and therefore was able to act accordingly.

Check out the video below to learn other Schwarzenegger techniques.

4. Larry King

Have you heard of Larry King?

He is a famous TV host and has done more than 30,000 interviews, including that of presidents and celebrities. The ease at which he does them makes everyone think that public speaking is a piece of cake for him. It is almost like he was born for this job!

Struggled with self-esteem

Is this really the truth?

Well, here is how Larry describes the days before his first TV appearance,

“I didn’t sleep that whole weekend. I kept rehearsing things to say on the air. By eight-thirty on my first morning, I was a basket case.”

Later, when the moment had arrived to host his first ever show – he was so nervous that he couldn’t utter a single word. He played one song after the other to cover up for the awkward moments of silence. The director of the show finally decided to walk into the room and pressurize Larry to buckle his shoes. This is when Larry uttered his first word. From there onwards, he never looked back.

5. Selena Gomez

Pop star Selena Gomez said she canceled her world tour last year and went to therapy because she was depressed, anxious and “my self-esteem was shot.”

“My self-esteem was shot. I was depressed, anxious. I started to have panic attacks right before getting onstage, or right after leaving the stage. Basically I felt I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t capable. I felt I wasn’t giving my fans anything, and they could see it — which, I think, was a complete distortion,” she said.

In one more incident, she had a mature response to online critics who felt the need to comment on her weight. She's also very open about how hurtful she found it - especially while has been struggling with the difficult effects of the autoimmune disease Lupus on her physical and mental health.

“It hurt my feelings because I never experienced that before," she told Instyle UK 2015, after jibes were posted about a picture of her in a bikini. "But I didn’t want that to be my story, so I said, ‘I don’t care what you think.' I’m learning that you can be comfortable and still look beautiful.”

The gorgeous star is also realistic about the fact that body confidence doesn't happen overnight, and isn't always easy to maintain every single day. “Some days, I like what I see," she said. "Other days, I’m like, ‘I’m not even going to bother.’”

6. Demi Lovato

Anyone who follows Demi Lovato knows she’s passionate about health: She speaks openly about living with bipolar disorder, talks herself up in the mirror to boost her self-esteem.
But her path to self-love hasn't been easy

The Confident singer Demi Lovato is well, just that, but it's taken her a long time to get to this place. Demi was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011, but also struggled with bulimia for many years.

The star tries to use her personal journey towards health and a body positive self-image to inspire her fans to feel good about themselves, too.
"Feeling better than I've ever felt," she posted in an Instagram caption this year. "It's all about self-love. Tell yourself you're beautiful daily. Be gentle with yourself. Eat carbs without guilt and remember that life is too short to worry about what others think!"And if there’s something she isn’t loving about herself, she doesn’t let it get her down.

“I know I’m doing everything I can to take care of myself. If there’s something about my body that I don’t like, I remind myself that it doesn’t define who I am,” Lovato added. “The more you tell yourself that you’re beautiful, the more you start to believe it.”

7.  Chris Pratt

Yes, you read that right! Actor Chris Pratt - who plays the gun-toting, butt-kicking, ripped Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy - has struggled with body image and low self-esteem, too.

When he was first starting out, he said he would get cast as assholes— specifically the “bad boyfriends”— because he “looked like an asshole.” But as he became more known for comedy, he was getting cast in funnier roles over supporting asshole roles, and letting himself gain weight.

In a press conference for the film in 2014, he said: "I'm sure I can't relate to what females go through in Hollywood. I'm sure I can't.

"But, I do know what it feels like to eat emotionally, and… to be sad and make yourself happy with food.
"And then to be almost immediately sad again and now ashamed and then to try to hide those feelings with more food. I know what that's like. It's a vicious cycle and it's a very real thing."

8. Emma Watson

Emma spoke recently about her self esteem issues, saying she felt completely overwhelmed by them at a younger age.

"I, as a 21-year-old, was riddled with insecurity and self-critiquing. Some of my friends still are. I realized that I didn't like friends taking photos of me when I wasn't working and I actually got in a fight about this issue. And I wondered, why is this bothering me? Why does this make me so insecure? And I realized it's because I can't even reconcile myself with my own image on the front of these magazines."

"Comparing myself to how I look, when I've gone through all of that makeup and styling, in my normal life is… just… I can't live up to it. I was like, 'Holy shit! If that's how I feel — and I get to be the person who's on the cover of those magazines — how's anyone else meant to cope?'"

Low self-esteem is such a problem these days. It's so hard for people to see themselves in a positive light when they are constantly bombarded with images of what they should look like according to the media. It's toxic to anyone, but especially to young women who are just trying to establish who they are in the first place.

"It's unbelievable. Switching from that to being like: 'Oh, I actually operate in a system that's messed up. I'm not messed up, the system's messed up. OK.' And, ironically, it's probably made me more beautiful and more confident as a result because I'm not carrying that anxiety anymore."
We couldn't agree more! Embracing who you are and what you look like is the most important thing of all. Everyone is unique and if we can learn to love that about ourselves, then that's what truly matters.

9. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger has said recording her new album was cathartic, helping her to battle a lack of self-worth and notions that she “wasn’t enough, that I wasn’t pretty, that I was fat, and that I wasn’t worthy of more”.

“Hopefully people can feel like they can relate to it”, she said, while also noting that “not everyone’s perfect”.
She told at the age of 27 she told herself that she would lose everything if she didn’t love herself.

“I’m never letting that happen again; you only get one life,” she said, describing the illness as once being her “drug” and “addiction”, perpetuated “through this cycle of disordered eating”.

What does that mean for you?

It is simple -  know that confidence is a learnable skill. Even though you may have suffered from a lack of confidence at some point in the past, it does not determine your future outcome in any way. Just like these celebrities, you too can develop the skills that you wish to learn and strive for limitless success.

P.S. I'd love to hear from you. Which celebrity story did you like the most? Leave a comment below.

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