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3 Powerful Ways To Boost Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a key ingredient of success in your personal as well as professional life.

You must be thinking – “But, what are the ways to boost SELF-CONFIDENCE?!”
Check out 3 powerful ways to boost self-confidence and esteem.

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1st Powerful Way to Boost Your Self Confidence –

When it comes to self-confidence, there is one quote I like in particular -

You must try to implement this quote in your life.

Remember YOURSELF 10 years ago?

Remember what kind of a person YOU were at the time?

Remember what kind of troubles YOU’VE had to overcome?

If you think about this, you’ll realise that you’ve overcome a vast extent of problems. Moreover, you’ll certainly notice that you’ve become much wiser over the last 10 years.

Therefore, decorating your home with trophies and certificates will serve as a reminder of your past hard work, successes and achievements.

It will certainly make you feel MORE confident and empowered.

Moreover, decorating your home with trophies is fairly easy – you do it once and it will keep fuelling your future achievements.

For inspiration, take a quick look at how Arnold Schwarzenegger decorates his home.


If for some reason, you can’t display your past achievements in your home, then there is a simpler alternative – take images that remind you of the same and keep it on your phone.

The important thing to note here is that you have to make this activity into a daily habit.

Self-confidence is indeed a skill that you have to train and maintain. You can’t develop it once and for all.

So, allocate 1-5 minutes daily, to review your past achievements (that are either stored on your phone or are displayed in your home).

2nd Powerful Way to Boost Self Confidence –

Many researchers have found that, on average, we have over 50,000 thoughts every day.

Did you know, around 80% of these thoughts are Negative?

The problem is – it is  very difficult for us to ignore these negative thoughts. Moreover, negative thoughts are painful and emotional; this in turn compels us to pay more attention to them.

On the contrary, when things are going good, we are not inclined to think about it. In most cases, it just casually slips our minds. This is why 80% of our thoughts end up being negative.

Another research found that we are able to recollect past experiences, that are negative, 7 times more vividly than positive ones.

This is because negative experiences tend to be more emotionally powerful than positive ones.

Therefore, as you can see, there is definitely something we need to fix here. We must force ourselves to pay attention to the good things that happen to us. The ‘Success Journal’ will help you in doing this.

So, Take A Notebook.

And every evening, Write Down 5 Or More Good Things that happened to you (on that day). You can also include general qualities about yourself (if you don’t have much to write for that particular day itself).

For example, you can note down attributes such as ‘kind’, ‘hardworking’, ‘curious’ and other such positive qualities (if you believe that they are true, of course!).

You must be thinking –
“Why can I not just think about them, instead of taking the effort of writing it down in a journal?”

Well, as already mentioned – it is easier for us to re-collect negative experiences than positive ones.

Therefore, writing it down in a journal, will discipline you to think about at least 5 positive things, with minimal distraction.


3rd Powerful Way To Boost Self Confidence –

Nowadays, when we talk about ‘Celebration’, it usually just means heading out for a drink with friends. However, the concept of celebration has a profound psychological effect.

Celebrating forces us to deliberately ‘pay attention to our accomplishments’.

Your past experiences are fueling your future successes. They are giving you the necessary confidence and self-esteem to undertake challenges.

Celebration does not have to be HUGE.

It can be anything – even if it is just buying you a piece of chocolate!

The important thing is to allocate time for celebration and immerse yourself in the environment of success – even if it just a small one!

For example, suppose you plan to start exercising this week. And you do end up starting – it is a good enough reason to celebrate.



Confidence (just like health) is not something that you can fix once and for all. Rather, you need to build it over time, and work towards maintaining it throughout your life. Here are three tips for doing that:

  1. Decorate your home with your trophies (or at least keep a collection of photos that remind you of your success on your phone).
  2. Keep your ‘Success journal’.
  3. Celebrate your victories.

Do you follow any of the above methods already?


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