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3 Magical Questions For Your Wonderful Life

You’ll soon learn 3 Magical Questions that can turn your life around. I will then share with you tips (from personal experience) on applying them in your life.

Sometime in the past, I had watched a motivational video by Jim Rohn. In the video, he urged the viewers to consider 3 questions.

I found these questions to be absolutely fabulous! Therefore, I have named these questions as the ‘3 MAGICAL QUESTIONS.’


Magical Question #1

This question deals with the feeling of uncertainty that we all feel when we decide to pursue our dream. When we embark on a journey to achieve our dreams, we often have self-doubting and self-limiting thoughts such as:

Watch the video below:

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“Should I keep trying?”

“Why do I bother doing this?”

“Is it worth it?”

So here is the magical question #1 – “Why Not?”

Why Not make your life the best that it can possibly be?

Why Not live your life to the fullest potential?

Why Not make something wonderful out of your life?

Why Not try all the possible ideas?

After all, we only regret things that we did not do.


Magical Question #2

The second magical question concerns situations when you see something or somebody you admire – when you look at something great, and you think to yourself, “Oh Wow!”

Here is the magical question #2 – “Why Not Me?”

If others can achieve outstanding results,


After all, the DNA of all humans is 99.9% similar. Therefore, other great achievers are much like you. If they can do something, so can YOU!

Arnold Schwarzenegger (movie superstar) rightly captures it –

“It is one thing to idolize heroes. It is quite another to visualize yourself in their place. When I saw great people, I said to myself: I CAN BE THERE.”

It’s now time to ask the 3rd magical question…


Magical Question #3: “Why Not Now?”

It is very important to remind ourselves that there will be no better time. There will always be problems, challenges, and responsibilities.

So, the best time is – NOW!

We must take steps to achieve our goals and dreams now.


Quick Story From My Experience

To quickly recap, here are the 3 magical questions:

  1. Why Not?
  2. Why Not Me?
  3. Why Not Now?

Don’t underestimate the power of these questions due to its simplicity. They can be game changers for you!

Let me share with you a quick example from my personal experience.

A few years ago, my brother sent me a link to Dubai’s dancing fountains. I was mesmerized by the video clip. The dancing fountains were amazing!

Dancing Fountain in Dubai
Image: Youtube.com, Ivan Beato

As it usually happens with intriguing videos, I ended up watching the video clip a couple of times and then went on to do my daily chores.

Then, something clicked in my mind after recalling Jim Rohn’s magical questions.

I asked myself “If I enjoyed watching the dancing fountains so much, why don’t I go visiting them myself?!”

So, I decided to arrange a trip to see the dancing fountains for myself.

Here is a photo of me beside the fountain

In addition to this spectacular view, I also managed to meet some very inspiring people on this trip. In fact, this trip encouraged me to try and travel more often, which I did and visited 21 countries thus far.

All of a sudden – the seemingly simple 3 magical questions gave me so much. More than what I had ever expected.

Here comes the most important part of this article –

Think for yourself how you can apply these 3 magical questions in your own life.



Here are the 3 magical questions:

  1. Why not?
  2. Why not me?
  3. Why not now?

Igor Smirnov

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