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2 Strengths That Will Make You Invincible

If you could choose to possess 2 strengths that will make you invincible, what would they be?
Well, here are my 2 choices.


1. The Power To Love

We often mistake love for attachment. People think that ‘grasping and clinging’ is a form of showing love.

The potential pain that is caused by this sort of attachment is why some people shy away from loving others.

After all, the more we grasp, the more we fear losing. We want to avoid that suffering, right?

However, love does not need to equate to attachment.

So what is Genuine love?

Genuine love is when you say “I love you, and therefore, I want you to be happy. If that includes me, then great, and if it doesn't include me, it’s still fine.”

When you genuinely love and nurture others, you emit an invincible sense of strength within yourself. This underlying strength will then enable you to achieve all feats.

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Lao Tzu

Therefore, learn to love others genuinely. This love need not stop at our fellow friends and family. Extend it to your neighbourhood community. Extend it to your city. Extend it to your country. Extend it to environment.

Wouldn't world truly be better if we learnt to genuinely love each other? – No conflicts over land. No battles over resources. No climate change to worry about. The list can go on.


2. The Power To Let Go

People think that letting go is like walking away or giving up. However, ‘Inaction is action itself.’

Why is it important to let go?

  1. It hurts lesser: When situations hurt us, and we have no control over it – it is better to let go and remove ourselves from that situation. After all, if we pull away from the stimulus that is instigating negative feelings, we get less hurt.
  2. Save the energy for something better: If you constantly ponder over things that can’t be changed, you are wasting your energy. You worrying about something, is not going to change it.

If you can’t change it, don't worry about it. Let it go!

When you let go, you are essentially removing bricks off of your shoulder – you are lifting the weight off.  And by letting it be, you are moving forward in your life.

“The only part of the whole universe that we actually have control over is the space between our shoulders... our feelings. When we are able to gain some mastery and control over how we feel and how we react to triggers, our relationships and our world magically improve” - Denise Sullivan

If you are looking for inspiration, listen to this song from the movie Frozen – ‘Let It Go.’



From my experience, I have learnt that the following 2 are the most powerful strengths that anybody can possess. I’d go to the extent of saying that if one can master the below 2 strengths, they are bound to leave a lasting impact on a large group of people.

  1. The Power to Love
  2. The Power to Let Go


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