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17 Motivational Words For The Winners

Everybody can do the needful when things are going smoothly. The winners, however, do it despite unfavourable circumstances.  

To help you keep your spirits high, no matter what, check out these 17 Motivational Words for true winners.  


1. “You Are Somebody. You Matter.” – Kevin Hart

Our biggest enemy is not the world, but that little voice that constantly says ‘You Ain’t Worthy.’

Just shut that critic and believe in the great human being that you are and have always been.


2. “It Took 40,000 Years For Humanity To Replace Stone By Cell At The End Of The Stick. We Gotta Speed Up!” – Igor Smirnov


3. “Life Is Very Hard Sometimes, But Giving Up” – Unknown

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4. “If We Wait Until We’re Ready, We’ll Be Waiting For The Rest Of Our Lives.” – Unknown


5. “Communicate With The Smart And Do Not Talk To Fools!” – Oleg Tinkov

Tinkov was born in a poor family, in a small Russian village. Now he’s a businessman with a net worth of $1.2 billion. We can learn a lot from this self-made man.


6. “What Motivates Me? Ambition. I Don’t Want The Father Of My Kids To Be A Loser.” – Oleg Tinkov


7. “Working Hard On Your Job Could Be Like Running On The Same Spot. Make Sure You’re Moving Forward!” – Igor Smirnov

A lot of people work hard for 8-12 hours a day. However, only 1 person out of 500 becomes a millionaire. Working hard is not enough nowadays.


8. “At This Point In My Life, If You Aren’t Contributing To My Bank Account, Goals, Or Happiness, You Gotta Go.” – Unknown


9. “Don’t Be Upset About The Results You Didn’t Get from The Work You Didn’t Do.” - Unknown


10. “If You Work So Hard that you don't Have any Free Time Left – Then What’s The Point Of It At All?” - Yevgeny Chichvarkin  

Chichvarkin founded the largest Russian mobile phone retailer, making his net worth $1.6 billion. His quote reminds us about the importance of work-life balance.


11. “If You Want A Better Life, You Have To Make An Effort To Better Yourself.” – Becca Martin


 12. “Winners Are Those Who Aren’t Afraid To Dream Big And Then Take Risk To Go And Get It.” – Unknown


13. “Any Day That We Don’t Give Up brings Us One Step Closer To Success.” – Joyce Meyer


14. “Make It Happen. Shock Everyone.” – Unknown


15. “You Were Given This Life Because You Are Strong Enough To Live It.” – Unknown


16. “Make efforts. Make changes. Make strides to better yourself. Don't just talk about it.” – Unknown


17. “I Can. I Will. End Of Story.” – Unknown



P.S. Which one of the above 17 motivational words inspired you the most? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment below. 

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