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10 Short Inspirational Quotes for Winners

Here are 10 short inspirational for winners from Olympic Champion Coach, Irina Viner. Sports coaches have a unique talent - they are able to inspire others.

After all, making ‘dreams-come-true’ is their daily duty!

We’ve collected short inspirational quotes for winners from one of the greatest coaches our world has ever seen. Her students have become Olympic Champions countless times. They have dominated the field over the last 21 years and still continue to do so seamlessly.

In 2015, Irina Viner was awarded the Olympic Order in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the global sports sector. This makes Viner the first gymnastics coach to be a recipient of the award.

Have you heard about this great lady, Viner, before?

Probably not, because rhythmic gymnastics is not a mainstream sport.

Whether you’ve heard of her before or not, this article will provide you with an amazing opportunity to learn new ideas from a great coach, that are probably unknown to the large masses.


Below are 10 quotes to pump you up for success!  

1. “Indifference is worse than hatred. If they envy you, it means that you have something special. This is normal. Don’t pay the slightest heed to them.”

Short Inspirational Quotes for winners


2. “People follow a strong personality, regardless of their origin and nationality. They will not follow someone who does not have results.”

Short Inspirational Quotes for winners


3. “Stopping is a symbol of death.”

Short Inspirational Quotes for winners


4. “The Bible says: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself." It is crucial to love yourself. One shouldn’t work too much. You should take good care of yourself so that you can work well.”

Inspirational Quotes for winners


5. Below is Viner's comment on the diet of one of her students:

“She ate a whole jar of Nutella! What should I say after this?!? I said: “My love, pack up your things and get out of here, free up the place for others!"

We all need this kind of coach to watch over our diet!

Inspirational Quotes for winners


6. The Olympic motto consists of only two words: "Overcome yourself."

“Only a strong personality can do this - overcome himself – not a rival, not a friend nor a  neighbor. Only YOU have to overcome YOURself. Only then will you be able to rise higher."

Short Inspirational Quotes for winners


7. There are 3 main things in life:

  • You need to love
  • Give what you have
  • Overcome obstacles (if they exist)

Short Inspirational Quotes for winners


8. “Money, power, and fat mutilate every person differently. There are rare cases, where neither power nor money has spoilt them. However, in a majority of the cases - fatmutilates everyone and always.”

Inspirational Quotes for winners


9. “Being fanatic about work is as bad as being idler.”

Short Inspirational Quotes for winners


10. “I don't count on their approval. I count till three.”

Short Inspirational Quotes for winners

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